Xiao Mei founded Style Me Nude (SMN) in December 2015 as a way to showcase her raw thoughts, naked opinions, and real experiences to encourage others. Xiao was born in Columbus, Ohio where she currently resides. Xiao discovered her love of inspiring others and providing advice in various situations throughout life. 

Xiao did not publish SMN until she completed a thorough self-reflection. She knew her raw thoughts would not always be easily accepted, which created tension and a sense of nervousness. However, SMN's tagline - The Truth Begins With You, is what pushed her to pursue. Xiao does not move forward until she can be true with herself.

With a great passion towards offering support Xiao also provides a platform for local artists to voice their creative work. As an artist herself, Xiao believes their is lack of support for artists who pave their way within the business industry. Xiao highly respects those who have made a living pursuing their dream instead of a regular 9-5. Xiao is no stranger to various creative projects and collaborations.

“I have the guts of a lioness, hands like skinny French fries, a body like a twelve year old, breasts like I never hit puberty, a brain like a scribbled painting, and feet as if I were a NBA player.
— Xiao Mei

Bible blog quotes:

"Learn to walk alone."
"Once you discover who you are as an individual, you're solid. "
"Be the person you needed when you were a child."
"Remain humble; the spotlight will shine bright when it's your time."
"Pain brings greatness whether good or bad."
"Everyday there is something new to discover."
"Being average is boring. Being weird is exceptional."
"Invest in yourself now, tomorrow's never promised."