Dcaro Custom Colognes

As a Videographer I had the opportunity to produce a promotional video for CEO, Dcaro, of Dcaro Custom Colognes (DCC). Not only was I behind the camera, but this time also in front to share my experience using his custom made fragrances. 

DCC is a local business in Central Ohio that began as a custom cologne craft inspired by Dcaro's wife and friends. Dcaro's philosophy is that wearing fragrances will always have a place in your everyday wardrobe. He believes everyday is special whether you're at work, in meetings, or handling business/personal matters. Also wearing a fragrance customized just for you is the perfect time to impact others with a personal and powerful atmosphere. 

I partnered with DCC as a tester of the fragrance, Jewel. Within a few days I received so many compliments, it was such a great feeling. Since I hardly wear perfume on a daily basis, I only wore Jewel for special occasions (only in the morning). Surprisingly it'd lasted me the entire day because of its strong, effective smell and essence. 

So if you really hate someone having the same fragrance, perfume, or cologne as you get then get started creating YOUR very own and cologne with Dcaro and schedule with him today.

Video provided by Xiao Mei  (http://dcarocustomcolognes.com). All rights reserved.

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