Mika's Cupcakes & Creams

Building a brand takes time from beginning to end and in all honesty keeps growing stronger if done successfully. This past October 2015, I had the opportunity of creating the brand from ground up for Mika's Cupcakes & Creams, a bakery located in the King Lincoln District of Downtown Columbus, OH. I enjoyed the process of changing colors, fonts, and concepts ideas.

Working with Owner, Tamika Woods has given me the experience of gathering future clients and expanding my portfolio. Being able to have the freedom in choosing the color of her logo, symbol, and banner was fun and playful. However near the end of October, after understanding what Mika wanted her brand to represent, every design from thenceforth became clearer. 

Within less than one week of Mika's website being published, Columbus Underground scheduled an interview with Mrs. Woods immediately. Not only was I ecstatic for the success and growth in motion, but also to also receive positive feedback from users and the comfort of others accessing what I've created was satisfying.

Check out Columbus Underground's article about Mika's Cupcakes & Creams here.

Images provided by Mika's Cupcakes & Creams  (http://mikascupcakesandcreams.com). All rights reserved.

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