Q: What inspired you to create Style Me Nude (SMN)?

A: This was never my childhood dream, but I wanted to offer a diverse outlook on various topics I have experienced, in hopes to inspire and encourage others.

Q: When did you start blogging?

A: Since December 2015 I gave blogging a try and loved it!

Q: Does your blog include nudes/naked images?

A: No I do not post naked photos. "Nude" symbolizes my raw and naked thoughts that are not beaten around the bush.

Q: Are your bible blog quotes from the bible?

A: No, I created original quotes from my personal experiences or used phrases from given advice.

Q: Why do you feature local artists?

A: As an artist myself, I believe support is rare and should become a mandatory response for all creatives who are pursuing their dreams. Therefore I use my blog as a platform for a wide range of local artists in Columbus, OH.

Q: Where is Style Me Nude (SMN) located?

A: SMN currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, but looks forward expanding in other cities within Ohio, after establishing a creative team.

Q: How long would it take to get a response if I sent you a personal email?

A: I love interaction with my readers! While balancing work, my 9yr old Chihuahua, family, and projects, I typically will respond within 24 hours to all personal inquiries.