Fashion Illustrator: Max Archos

Fashion Illustrator (Max Archos) believes in creating anything he loves because others will see the passion behind his dream. Archos understands talent brings individuality, so he encourages people not to give up their passion in order to satisfy someone else, especially for those with wrongful intentions.

Max Archos, Style Me Nude Blog

He is inspired to design fine art on high fashion clothing/accessories, because he enjoys the result of doing what he loves. One of Archos favorite designers (Alec Monopoly) is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from New York City. Alec Monopoly also uses varied materials to portray various iconic pop culture characters.

Max Archos, Style Me Nude Blog

Max Archos, Style Me Nude Blog

When asked "What does your vision offer for the Columbus community/art culture?" He stated,

"I feel like I can be the bridge between the art and the fashion community."
The "ME" Project





The "ME Project" was created to encourage artists, specifically photographers and models, to question their creative ideas/concepts, by offering a deeper relationship between the model and their photo. I believe there is a lack of substance within capturing a photo. I myself have been lackadaisical as a model finding myself posing in the woods, without explaining my thought process of why I even agreed to pose in the middle of nowhere. It makes absolutely no sense! 

As the Creative Director, I wanted to create that missing substance by using diverse models and hitting it back to their roots, including mine. 


















Vegan Vibez Only

Something smells good in the kitchen with aspiring vegan chef, Asiri Cain! She's what I like to call refreshing! Personally I'm not a vegetarian, but I support those who are. It is a lifestyle only very few can commit to and I was inspired learning how Asiri changed her eating habits.

A simple action of looking at the ingredients before every meal intake is the moment Asiri was convinced to change her diet. She then furthered her research about her body and harmful nutrients. And getting to know Asiri on a intimate level was very inspiring. It was a joy to see a young woman who is headstrong and passionate about the food she creates.

Luckily Asiri invited Style Me Nude to see how she makes her bowl of chili. A perfect dish for any occasion and season. COMING SOON in 2017, Asiri expects to create her first TRAVELING EATER'S DIGEST JOURNEY!

I'm excited to everything it will entails, but for now watch below how to make her famous chili! Leave your comments below! :)

#JDIsWoke - An Interview With Photojournalist James Drakeford

I have the utmost respect for the talented Photojournalist, James Drakeford (JD), who gives meaning to every image he captures. JD lives beyond the statistics of being a young African American man and has made it a priority to give back to his community. He is also the Founder and Creator of several projects: Black Innocence, The Idea of Being Somebody (TIOBS), Culture Talk: Change Agents, and Sexy: an alternative perspective. Each creative project helps uplift African Americans, minorities, and/or women be viewed in a positive manner. JD is a true example of what being “woke” really means.

It was my pleasure having a one on one conversation about his thoughts on our community and his beliefs on how people can unite as a culture. He understands the issues many face and offers opportunities to learn and discuss diverse solutions. So below is the insight of what him and I discussed.



In 2011, how did you feel after receiving your Bachelor of Science then commit to photography for your career?

I’ve always been interested in photography and when I take pictures I enjoy it. As a senior at the Ohio State University (OSU) I decided to invest things into what seemed fun.


Do you research photographers to learn and improve your work?

I don’t really research photographers to see other styles because the more you look for something, subconsciously it will be imitated. I want my own style when capturing each scene, situation, person, and surrounding.


Take us back to the birth of Black Innocence?

Current issues of negative energy on African Americans inspired Black Innocence. Black Innocence flips the script showing photos that create positive versus negative energy.


What inspired you to define TIOBS (The Idea Of Being Somebody) 3 principles?

Self-Determination, Self-Education, Self-Initiative

My experience through student teaching and watching how students interact is where my inspiration came from. I believe after the 5th or 6th grade people form their habits, knowing right from wrong, and begin to think for themselves. And TIOBS is for people who are learning not to follow others, but studying themselves by believing in what they do.


How do you select the panelists for Culture Talk and get the community involved? 

After having a 101 conversation with my friend who was there when I needed direction I felt motivated. So I created Culture Talk Change Agents where people can get involved, share ideas, perspectives, and learn more about the African American Community. Culture Talk lets the community know their voice is important and allows us to move forward as a culture and as a people.

The discussion incorporates quality conversations with quality people. Each panelist I select is comfortable with sharing their ideas and are people who has something to say.


Do you believe Ohio will ever unite with its cities and rural areas?

Nothing is impossible, but no. People lack interest learning or working with others. A divide will always be and current generations are stuck in their ways. People have tried forcing diversity on others, so much so, they’ve written books and offered classes, but the issue is people not wanting to listen.


Any encouragement for our friends and family during times of uncertainty?

“For more unity: fear less and love more.” – JD

To be unified:  I encourage others to give effort, listen, learn, and understand. What we fear are things we don’t understand; that are foreign to us.  I encourage loving more, treating people how you want to be treated with patience as we are with ourselves, and to respect others.



Sunday, November 20, 2016

6pm-9pm (I will see you there!)

Reserve you FREE seats here!

Instagram: @mrkingjd

Portfolio: @jamesdrakeford

Photo Diary: @mrkingjd

An Interview With Chef Kayser

Gallerie Bar & Bistro restaurant chef Josh Kayser has more than twenty years of experience in the food and restaurant industry. As the restaurant chef he manages various departments of the Gallerie Bar & Bistro, such as: the dining room, lounge, as well as, executive lounge, coffee shop, and all in room dining, which he staffs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He describes himself as the kid who knew how to create a meal out of nothing. And last September, Kayser had the pleasure to cook beside chef Bill Glover for the James Beard House, in New York City. So I sat down with Kayser to grab insight on his life as a chef and career accomplishments…


What led you to become a chef as your career?

I come from a long line of good cooks; a lot of my blood comes from Southern Ohio, so fishing and hunting came from that vein learning from my grandmother and mother.

I began cooking by dish washing when I was 14, which led to cooking fast food, and by the age of 18 I began cooking fine dining.


What inspires you to cook?

There are a lot of things that inspire me as far as cooking, for example, doing research and development in order to help further my career and use it as inspiration.


Where do you gather inspiration?

New York is the big apple, so when I went to a Korean Gastropub called Barn Joo; a jazz club was hidden behind a false wall of books that opened up leading to an underground level. Experiencing it was very inspirational because cool things like that you don’t see in Columbus everyday.


How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends?

I went to school through a lot of hard knocks, working for different chefs who had a lot to teach. I also worked at The Ohio State Faculty Club, with classically trained chefs, so I had the chance to get paid while also receiving an education within the industry.


When designing a meal, what factors do you take into consideration?

For a complete dish, flavor is first for me. It’s important that everything is meticulously seasoned and (generally speaking) I try to be spontaneous and imaginative. Of course you’re looking for different mouth-feel components, such as: crunch, acid, creaminess, brightness or color and people eat with their eyes, so I consider the dish to look presentable as well.


How do you take ownership within your position?

My forte is being a good cook, but to be a successful chef I have to balance it all. From dealing with people, being approachable, reading my cooks, fellow managers, and the guests, as well as, circumvent problems before they arise.

I always said, the front of the house and the back of the house cannot independently succeed; you have to be a cohesive unit. And when you find that symbiosis, it’s a beautiful thing.


Career accomplishments you are proud of?

One of the most things I’m proud of aren’t necessarily things you see in ink or on video. The cooks that I’ve taught and brought up fresh out of high school or culinary school, teaching them is what I am most proud of.


The most memorable dish you ever tasted?

My favorite dish I ever tasted was the corn chanterelle mushroom salad at Esca, in New York City. The dish included: roasted corn, su vie chanterelle mushrooms, raw spinach, and shaved pecorino Romano with olive oil. The way it hit my palette, I got emotional…


Will you keep your talents and skills in Ohio or expand them elsewhere?

I’m up for whatever in the future… I do have children here in town, so I am rooted here for now. But this is where my industry is; I like Columbus, including the big strides its taken within the last 10 years.



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DJ Whit Taylor Follows Her Dreams

“When I’m on stage I feel unstoppable. I feel as if the entire world is in my hands and everyone’s spirit blends into mine. When I create the atmosphere DJing, my world stops. The beat rushes through my veins.”

This was my perception of how Ohio’s very own talented, DJ Whit Taylor, feels as I watched her preform an unforgettable experience for Total Image Empowerment’s public event at Notes Restaurant.

Luckily, I had the chance to sit down with DJ Whit receiving the opportunity to understand her story and learn what makes her passionate about creating music. Of course I wanted to get the inside scoop of what her ultimate goal was, which is to become an established international DJ and music producer based in Ibiza, Spain. (A Balearic Island that is well known for its nightlife scene.) Surprisingly this location fits DJ Whit perfectly since she utilizes her skills for lounges, clubs, private celebrations, weddings, and even corporate events.

I also questioned some of her favorite inspirational artists and she replied, “I start with my roots playing the records and mixing it up for the crowd to create that energy, vibe and experience.” Larry Levan, a famous DJ in New York City, known as the generator of house music, who focused his craft at Paradise Garage Lounge, is one of her favorites. Larry Levan holds that position towards Whit because of his ability to become a powerful crowd motivator. However her favorite music producer is Black Coffee, a South African DJ whose music she believes speaks to the soul.

Since 2011, DJ Whit has mastered her craft expanding her boarders in Columbus, Ohio to overseas at the Royal Caribbean’s largest and most innovative cruise ship, The Anthem of The Seas. Not to mention she’s collaborated with many well-known brands, such as: Beats By Dre, Royal Caribbean International, The Ohio State University, The Jimmy Fallon Show, Columbus Fashion Week, State Farm and much more. You can say DJ Whit's definitely a determined go-getter who believes in following her dreams! :)

As we furthered our conversation, she really shifted my perspective of the industry. Needless to say I left our table having more respect for the hard work and dedication that goes into DJing. After attending a couple local events supporting her preformances, I can personally say she sets the atmosphere and inspires me to let go and dance!

So loves lets support our local artist and check out DJ Whit Taylor’s music:

Unwind and Vibe Vol. I    &     Cruise Promo Mix

Images provided by Blink Slow Productions. All rights reserved.

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Get Ready. Get GLAM.

Lately this girl's been craving small accessories that are original, sophisticated, and inspiring to prepare for the new Spring season, so I stopped by GLAM356 during the Short North gallery hop. (An event that occurs the first Saturday of each month.) Needless to say I found what I've been searching for. Purifying at it's finest when I enter their doors finding a variety of interior decorations to clothing, skin care, jewelry, and more. 

So while scouting for random goodies, I found the perfect bralettes for me and my petite size that fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and is sensual with its lace designs. Not to forget thee cutest nude colored handbag written, "I like you a latte." While ordering $14 worth of Starbucks my total came to only $6 something because the barista loved my bag so much, I received a discount. How rad is that?!

I also discovered GLAM carries exclusive clothing and accessories from local artists. And on a side note: Columbus, Ohio is a small city compared to Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, but is still in the process of significant development and growth, therefore finding like minded people who focus on building local artists is one of the reasons why I created Style Me Nude. This in itself gives me hope not all individuals or businesses are in the success for themselves, but to support others and their city. 

With that being said, inside GLAM's boutique I luckily discovered designer and crafter, Courtney, owner of Stink's Candles Company. As my girlfriends know how much I adore candles, Courtney's collection is my now all time favorite, because their cutely designed, long-lasting, and have powerful but calming, relaxing scents. 

I've certainly been inspired by this boutique and look forward to their specials. So make sure to stop in at GLAM356 and stay tuned for their revealing party on March 5th!

photo by Tiffani Howell

photo by Tiffani Howell

photo by Tiffani Howell

photo by Tiffani Howell

Stink Candles, Co.
GLAM356 Bralets
Cupid's Arrow At Copious Restaurant

A restaurant? Art gallery? Jazz club? Copious is more. It’s an overwhelming satisfying experience. 

Climb the stairs at Copious Restaurant, filled with paintings and art surrounded from wall to wall. On the second floor is a customized loft area perfect for any event. Underground reels you into your comfort zone with live jazz music: Somehow, the restaurant manages to balance each venue successfully.  



Copious offers many reasons for visiting, aside from the comfort food – and then those happy hour appetizers appear. The crab dip was smoothed to perfection, topped with toaster brioche and the artisan flatbread was amazing. Then there are the fried oysters, which was very new to my palette, but exceeded my expectations. Reflecting on my last post, my night at Copious was very daring and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The dexterous Curtis (Hillard) – the Executive Chef, where many of the menu ingredients are thought-out with exquisite flavored textures– works the dishes to a clean, crafty, and sharp presentation. He even shared with us the, ah, “what’s that?” of the high quality ingredients that balance out different tastes.



Dinner arrived as we (Columbus Ohio Living blogger, Morgan Lee) shifted from the bar lounge to the table: Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Smoked Ohio Brisket, Bistro Steak, and Fried Oysters were all included. Like every other dish, the presentations were artistic and polished like a creator who designed their masterpiece.

However, that was just the beginning of our night! Entering into Notes (Underground level) Hoo Doo Soul Band helped us let loose and let go with their high energy performances of R&B and Latin rhythm ensembles. After a long week of work, I recommend getting your groove on (especially for this upcoming Valentine’s holiday) while dancing in style.



As a self-declared foodie myself, the holistic experience helped revamp my perspective on what a true dining experience should uphold. Copious is among the most beautiful renovations in Columbus. Take advantage of their Valentine’s Menu Special, I’m quite certain you’ll walk in hungry leaving comfortable and inspired.


Location: 520 S. High Street., Columbus, OH 43215

Book your reservation now! Or call ahead (614) 947-1520

DC Meets OH

Every Stylish Girl, created by Nana Agyemang, whom is a fashion journalist located in Washington, DC, teamed up with myself to create a special Christmas look book. The concept was designed for those who have no clue what to wear for a Christmas party or who just needed a few guided tips, plus some style inspiration. 

During this shoot, both Nana and I had the time of our lives and cannot wait till next year to collaborate again. For those who know me quite well, understand that I'm a very fashion forward individual and style in most neutral colored tones. So this photo shoot's topic regarding Christmas; which are your typical colors of red and green was a bit challenging for me. However, Nana helped encourage me to pull this one off! I applaud Nana for being such a stylish and independent young woman who isn't afraid to come out of her comfort zone. Yes, it's true colors do scare me and are not my best friend; therefore, this look book concept was perfect for me to take on. 

A few pieces I styled were the JLO ankle black and gold boots, topped with a red sweater, paired with a boxed-patterned black and white blazer to compliment it and give the overall outfit texture. I also included my favorite essentials that are my gold and turquoise Fossil watch and Forever 21 gold, double-crossed necklace. Wearing these small essentials have been incorporated throughout my every day outfits, so if I forget them because I'm rushing, my entire day is pretty much ruined. Have you ever felt that feeling?

Despite the fact, as we enter into a new Christmas celebration with that comes new gifts and presents! Let's hope you get what you've wished for; which may be a new faux fur coat or knee-high boots or possibly more of your favorite daily essentials. Whatever may be the case remember to wear what you've got on with confidence, because confidence is KEY. Fashion Designer, Kayne West, has surely proven that we can wear baggy, torn clothes and still look fashionable dressed in style, which I absolutely love, as long as it's worn with confidence.

And I hope you all enjoyed our collaboration and grabbed a few guided tips on how we styled our looks for this Christmas. I would love to see some of your outfits, so feel free to connect with me and also send your feedback :)

Music by:

Artist: N-Soul Beatz "Single"

Artist: Bebe Yoncè "I'm Dancing" (feat. Parry Kitt)

Giardina Speaks Through Her Designs

"I have always had a love for art and designing. It's a great way to express myself while creating something beautiful." Rachel Giardina stated. Who knew sitting at her desk for almost an entire day designing could be so much fun? After all this is the number one love and passionate interests of Giardina. As a full-time Advertising and Graphic Design student at Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio Rachel has gravitated towards her career path in the design field. She currently has illustrated mockups for Ava Anderson, Flow, and Mr. Coffee.

Born in Pittsburgh, Ohio but was raised in Pickerington, Ohio; her main focus in life of course was art and to create timeless and inspirational conceptions. Giardina's craft displays vivid and playful energies with professionalism. Her creativity speaks for itself in its simple, minimalist, but visually captivating methods of thinking. 

Earlier this year Giardina and myself walked downtown on High Street browsing art galleries, attending the Latin Festival, and also supporting Columbus, Ohio's Annual Gallery Hop event. As artists it's great to vibe off one another and grab ideas that will inspire each other to achieve greater goals in our near future. Did I mention Giardina is the best to hangout with because her bubbly personality makes you feel better after having a bad day? And to mention, aside from handling business matters she loves to meditate, practice yoga, and enjoys watching football games with her family. So although she means business in design, Giardina also has a fun and optimistic charisma.

So don't let her sweet and princess styled personality fool you. She's surely determined about her designing career and is a sophisticated artist who won't take no for an answer. If you haven't seen her work already well this is your chance to discover Columbus, Ohio's very own.

View Rachel Giardina's work here too! Website   Instagram   Behance 

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