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11 days ago on Saturday, April 15th I had the pleasure walking around Whetstone Park of Roses near Clintonville with MUA (Kayla) to capture a family's memories of health, life, and love before their newborn (baby girl or boy) arrives. I was excited since I haven't been active as a photographer per writing on the blog or having artists like: Wyze, Travis Clements, or Kenny take images of me. 

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This was my first maternity shoot opposite to product advertisement and portraits. So of course I was nervous plus my battery kept falsely stating it was dead weeks prior after a full recharge every hour or so. Oh well, I winged it pre usual (with no backup.) my advice is NEVER do that to yourself photographers, I'm not the best influence, but I am resourceful. Thankfully I've never ran into needing a backup battery :)

Style Me Nude Blog | Xiao Mei Photography


Being a blogger many people ask me wtf do you actually do?! Which is everything! From photography, videoagraphy, singing, poetry, interior decorating, graphic design, etc. I hate limiting myself to one area within the art industry. I mean what's the point if you only have 1-2 skills? To me that's money wasted, so I consistently learn new skills. 

As they say "A jack of all trades, master of one." 

My advice to you (artist or not) never limit yourself to one area within your career. Be playful and explore what's uncomfortable to you, you might just like it.



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