Fathers Day Is Here

Hello to everyone and happy Friday on a gorgeous sunny and breezy day in Columbus! It’s an awesome feeling getting closer to the weekend, especially after a busy week of work and hard play at Columbus Fashion Show launch party. (Details on Instagram!) The rain and thunderstorms earlier this week have also helped look forward to a beautiful weekend. I’m excited to catch up on personal projects, hangout in the city, and as we all know, to celebrate Father’s Day.

Every year for special occasions as such, last minute ideas seem to catch up to me, resulting in many not so well thought out plans. Usually celebrations end up becoming dinner at a Chinese restaurant since there’s no wait; on the other hand, every fancy Italian or American restaurant tables are all booked. However, this year I planned accordingly and am looking forward to tasting Jana Lee’s cookies for my dads “cheat day”. Not only are the cookies I ordered beautifully designed, but also fit my father perfectly. He’s the ultimate fishing geek who’ll stay all night long enjoying the scenery at Buckeye Lake and do what makes him happy; fishing by the shore reeling in those Catfish and Bass. I also wanted to be creative with my gift. Instead of buying a card from a local market, I decided to create my own filled with memories and pictures inside, including a personal message as well. 

(The Father's Day fishing box below is what I've order and am so satisfied with! The designs are beyond cute, thanks Jana!)

There’s nothing more important than celebrating those who have cared for you and sacrificed more than what you deserve. The older I get the more I have realized, I am just like my father, and practically the female version of him…literally his twin. So if the more I hate the things he does, I'm really just hating myself, which happens often. Not going to lie...So I figured to get creative this year and make something worth remembering.

Some may take their dad to the Warriors vs. Cavaliers game, out to his favorite restaurant, buy him more tools (as if doesn’t have a large toolbox kit already) or sit back, relax watching TV drinking an ice cold beer. Whatever you choose, remember why we’re celebrating this day. Whether giving thanks to a blood-related father or not, let’s all celebrate fathers, as well as, father figures who have tried their best, which is all we could ever ask for.

Happy Friday loves! Share your gifts with me on snapchat! @stylemenude

For future occasions, order from Jana's Lee Bakery!