Do you ever look through high-fashion magazines and notice how stiff those supermodels are? They're so fierce in showing minimal facial expressions, but pull-off a killer photo shoot for some of the world's top designers in the fashion industry. Like Kendall Jenner...need I say more?

I've always wanted to do a shoot where I show barely any emotion and look like the world's most heartless chick. I thought this would be easy to pull off, but I was proven wrong. While posing with a blank face and a goal to still show strong emotions, this task was slightly challenging for me. I'm convinced this is my everyday face because I rarely show emotions. So I figured this shoot would be a piece of cake...literally.

Yet during this photo session I tested myself in how I could bring forth the famous saying, "Less is more." And if you know me pretty well, you know I love challenging myself to become better than my yesterday. And let us not forget that today we honor Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. for his mighty acts suffering for us that people of color may be treated equally and have their rightful freedom. His quote "We shall overcome" greatly inspires me. Although it's short in its context it has every thing to do with how we overcome our daily challenges.

So if you've experienced a task like this or something similar, comment below how you managed to face it and conquer overall. 


Xiao Mei 


Photographers: Austin W. Rogers & Brendon Gorrell

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