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Hi my loves! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged and I've sincerely felt dreadful being so aloof from doing what makes me happy. However, if you are expecting a post about my romantic life, my feminist thoughts, or how I am journeying through life (sorry) this will not be that post.  

This week goes out to all of you who have supported me since day one. It hasn’t been at least one year of Style Me Nude’s existence, but everyday I see the support and evidence that many of you are reading my posts and being interactive. Not only have I shared my personal thoughts and experiences, but also received overwhelming opportunities to collaborate with God’s beautiful local artists in Columbus, Ohio. From professional chefs, graphic designers, fashion stylists, photographers, and music producers. 

Style Me Nude helps take my mind off everything life dares to war with me. For example, a big issue I fought with for quite awhile was facing myself (how crazy does that sound?) As a child I wrote in my journal or wrote songs to release all my feelings onto paper and years later I'd read what I wrote to examine myself. I would awkwardly smile at the paper because of how much I saw myself improve as an individual. And I say that to prove how much I've become comfortable with myself, as well as, learn and accept who I am as an individual. Years ago I would almost die sharing my inner secrets and thoughts, but now I embrace it with any one. 

Famous blogger, Amiee Song, said, "People react to the realness of you," and I couldn't agree more, which is why I write everything I believe is necessary on Style Me Nude. 

To those who have supported me in this beginning process I adore you guys. Style Me Nude's success surprises me from all different angles and hearing your feedback or artists you believe I should partner with is the best! (Major thanks to those who voted me Best Blogger on 614 Magazine.)

Continue commenting and share your feedback!


Xiao Mei


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