The Power Of A Woman's Independence


Welcome to 2016 where women are the CEO of their own business, the mother and father of their children, the females who brought plus size models back into the fashion industry, the women that dare to run for president, aren't afraid to mix sexy and boxing (Thank you Rousey). The women who have made their mark within a man's world and paved the future for all female architects...RIP Zaha Hadid, also know as the Queen of Curves.

Welcome to the women of the 21st Century who grind without hesitation or a given reason, but because it is what we do best.

The chance to have our freedom and independence I strongly believe led us to this point, which has resulted with many pros and cons. Of course, you may notice I'm a feminist, but that doesn't mean I hate men? In fact that's not what being a feminist is about. I support feminism because I disagree and wholeheartedly disapprove of the traditional standards many have forced upon women. From the way people perceive how women should be treated, how they should live or look, and determine their income, etc. It's disturbing.

Many women have made others well aware that we deserve our rights and independence, but of women as a whole it has caused me to see we no longer feel it's necessary to rely on anyone else but ourselves. (Maybe it's just me? Maybe you've thought this way too?) Unfortunately, this scares's why. Growing up my mom always taught us never to rely on a man, to be independent, and strive for what we wanted to accomplish. I love her for teaching me that principal, however the downfall as time went by and life threw it's challenging courses towards me, I've came to believe that I can do bad all by myself. It sounds funny, but in reality it's not. 

I said to a young mother, "I rather have children instead of a husband." She understood what I meant, but advised me it takes two to raise a child and a mother can only do so much. Another instance I'll share is when I was offered help to pay my bills, (not that I needed the help, but someone was led to be generous and caring), however I respectfully declined. I was rather upset to the fact I hate receiving help from others. My perception of I'm good being independent, bad all by myself, ruined my outlook on the opposite gender.

Thankfully I evaluate myself on a monthly basis and I immediately changed those unnecessary thoughts. I realized it is never okay to be comfortable and independent to the extent I believe God's creation of men is worthless to consider within my life. As Jane Galvin Lewis once said, "You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman," and that made me smile.